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When time is crucial

Air Freight

We design air transport solutions to provide the required agility to our customers’ global supply chains, having presence in the main airports

Customised services for your goods

We are aware of our customers’ needs and understand that when the delivery time or availability of the merchandise is vital, air freight is the best option, as it is the fastest way to make your shipments, reaching any point of the globe with the lowest possible transit time.

Our company is an accredited IATA agent and is also accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Development as a safe shipper, with a wide network of collaborators in all airports worldwide, granting an efficient, agile and secured service so that your shipments can be done within the appropriate time frames.

Our personnel has all the necessary accreditations to handle and manipulate any type of cargo, both general cargo and values, perishable, dangerous, etc. Our air department will process your requests urgently and nimbly and will plan the transits and delivery times, allowing us to optimize resources and minimize the costs of our service.

Services to arrive quicker

What do we offer you?

Weekly consolidated service

To the main airports worldwide, which allows us to offer you lower costs in smaller shipments. We offer this service in Havana, Holguin, Santiago, London, New York, Dubai, Malabo and Bata.

Priority Service

For the urgent cargo that can not wait to benefit from a lower cost in our consolidated shipments.

Merc. Oversized goods

for the goods that can not fly in a regular plane, our air department will look for an appropriate freight service for you.

Charter Service

for very specific shipments that require a large volume of cargo or have a constraint. For example, shipments of explosives to destinations where there is no freighter.