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Forget about the barriers


The specialization of our staff in transport enable us to offer our customers a wide range of possibilities. Fuelled by globalization,a new figure has born, the trader. This figure could be defined as a purchasing centre that improves the level of competitiveness of importers and exporters.

We help you enter in
the international trade

At Lantia, as experts in international trade, we advise and help both importers and exporters to make the leap towards the X-trade. We have legal experts who can help you establish yourself in new markets.

In triangular operations we often find that our client, the trader, needs to keep some data hidden, and thanks to our free warehouses and documentation department, we can make it possible.

Due to our clients’ own will to improve and in order to be able to support any need they may have, we felt the obligation to open this department, which has direct contact with our representatives from the five continents.

Helping and collaborating with our clients to overcome any difficulty that triangular shipments may involve.

In our case, the triangulation or X-trade operations benefit from our extensive network of own offices as well as from a very close relationship with our partners abroad.


Enter in the X-Trade world