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Lantia products


We make your projects come true

As for us there are no small loads, we are aware of the challenge of carrying out large projects. Therefore, we offer our clients an extensive list of services to offset the difficulties associated with this type of freight which usually have extra dimensioned parts, such as the need to meet deadlines or to have specific knowledge.

– Feasibility study for special freights
– Door-to-door transport
– Full or partial charters
– Hiring of special equipment for transport
– Technical assistance and supervision
– Turnkey projects
– Search for cost optimization by hunting all possible routes.

As we all know, the project industry requires:
– Flexibility and precision in decision-making
– Pro-activity and decision when solving problems
– Security in the execution


We preserve till the last flavour

To export our country’s gastronomic wealth and the multiple products that our land offers, making our gastronomy even more recognized in the world, special services are often needed.

Thanks to our resources and the experience gained during the more than 20 years we have been in the international trade and transport market, we can say that we are proud to be able to offer our clients:

– TANK CONTAINERS, with which you can move your bulk liquids. We have our own stock of tankers.
– FLEXITANKS single use, to move bulk liquids
– EXPRESS SERVICE for food shipments, with refrigerated containers service to anywhere in the world.

With our spirit service, you will be able to send your products to different customers in one container, consolidating them with the cargo and delivering them individually to your customers. You can also use this consolidated service for your purchases, so you can group several orders from different suppliers.


Agile and fast

It guarantees an agile and economic service for the shipment of documents to Havana. Thanks to our strategic alliances with the largest local and international airlines, we can offer an additional service to the customers that use us for their shipments to Havana. They can send their documentation in our service LM_Courrier. A novel, agile and very economical concept with which your documentation can be in the hands of your clients / suppliers in a minimum period of time.

How this service works is simple. It includes the collection of the documents at any point of the Spanish territory and their delivery in Havana within 48 hours. These turnarounds are real and fulfilled in more than 95% of the occasions .

If you need more information, our spokesman will tell you how to start using our service.


We take care of the ideas turned into art

Due to the expansion of our customers’ needs, we have created an exclusive department to transport and manipulate works of art. Our department coordinates the details of the shipments, maintaining a close relationship with all the parties involved in the shipment process, joining postures and easing the import and export processes. For these unique shipments we can offer you:

– Made-to-measure packaging
– Assembly of exhibitions
– Stock storage
– Dedicated and exclusive air, sea and ground freight.

We have collaborated with foundations, museums and ministries of culture and art of various countries. Hereunder you can find a list of some works done under the guarantees of this new product.

Cuban Market

Constant Contact

For more than 20 years LANTIA MARITIMA has been present in the Cuban market, first as correspondent of one of the lines that served this market, and in the last fifteen years as freight forwarder, with our own delegation on the island and with a correspondent agreement with the main local freight forwarders. We have a built on years experience that gives us a strong position in the market.

The services we have specially dedicated to the island are:

– Own LCL service from Spain, ALL of South-east Asia and Mexico
– FCL service from anywhere in the world, with special rates
– Air Service from anywhere in the world
– Transport of works of art with origin and destination to the island
– Air export service from Cuba to the world
– Maritime export service from Cuba to the world

All our offices have Cuban personnel, who perfectly know the tempos and the mode of operation in the island. Thanks to this level of involvement and service in Cuba, we have solid agreements with the main importers and exporters in the country. The volume of cargo handled in both the Cuban import and export enable us to be a reference company in the sector. If you need further information about this service, please contact us through our mail